Energy audit of the enterprise according to ISO 50002 and EN 16247

Energy audit of the enterprise – a comprehensive energy audit of the enterprise in order to assess energy efficiency and develop a package of energy saving measures.

In the structure of the cost of each product or service there are energy sources. Usually the energy audit of the enterprise should be carried out if in structure of prime cost of production or services of energy carriers make not less than 5%. Reducing energy consumption can reduce the cost of products or services and make them more competitive in the market.

The first step towards energy efficiency is the energy audit of the enterprise. We perform energy audits according to the international standards ISO 50002 and EN 16247, so its results are accepted by banks and grant institutions.

In the process of energy audit of business, emphasis is placed on the difference between the estimated and actual values of energy consumption by engineering systems and buildings. When developing an action plan, the peculiarities of the technological process, the schedule of the main equipment and personnel are taken into account.

Based on the results of the energy audit, possible options for modernization of engineering systems are identified and an energy saving program is developed, which includes a plan of energy saving measures.

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